Special Servings from Penang

Thousands of selections of servings from other countries you can taste. If you are strong-tasted foods lover, you should try a variety of cooking from Penang. The specialty about Penang foods is the delicious and spicy ingredients that leave unforgettable aftertaste on your tongue.

Special Servings from Penang
Most Penang foods reflect the multi-ethnic and multi-culture which means the foods are influenced by the mixture of Portuguese, Chinese, Malayan, Indian-Malayan ethnic foods as well as Thailand. Penang has been very popular for its strong-tasted foods besides being popular for the beautiful beach. Located on the north-west of Malaysia, Penang is called as The Pearl of The Orient for many kinds of Pinang (Areca Nut) trees grow there.

Some Penang cooking you should try including Mango Salad, an appetizer made from young mangoes which are sliced thinly and served together with carrots and crispy fish. It tastes fresh and hot, the slightly acid taste of young mangoes is the reason why this appetizer is so famous.

After tasting the appetizer, you can have Penang Fish Yin and Yang. This dish contains of steamed sea fish that is poured with spicy broth with red pepper and leeks. From the mixture of those ingredients, you meet the real taste of Penang foods. Besides the boiled serving, the fried sea fish can also be served. Enjoy the crispy fried fish and tender boiled fish, this could be an unforgettable moment for you.

Another must try Penang cooking is Grilled Seafood. This food offers you tasty fish, shrimp, and cuttle with rich ingredients that in Penang the cooking is added with squash-like vegetables. The amazing flavor tasted because the spices absorbed into the seafood. With warm and tender rice, your dish tastes even more delicious. If you are not the fans of seafood, you can try foods with chicken as the main ingredient like Satay Penang. The tender meat is accompanied with green paprika and special satay sauce.

Trying Penang foods would be incomplete without the traditional drink like Ambula. This is a special drink that offers fresh and palatable kedondong juice which is mixed with kiamboy sweets. More beverages? Then give a try for Ice Cendol Durian to make your tongue dances. The excellent blend of taste, aroma, and the special taste of Durian is perfected by vanilla ice cream and cendol.

Well, those are some Penang foods you should try and there are more. Thus, have a visit to Kedai Penang and enjoy other traditional dishes like laksa, kwetiaw, fried noodle, popia, and other tasty foods.

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