How to Cook Perfect Rice Yourselves

Not every people can cook perfect rice, but at least they can judge which rice is cooked well or not. If you feel that you don’t have those best chefs’ capability to cook rice, the brief tips below will help you the easy steps in cooking perfect rice. Generally, there are three ways you can try to cook rice with best result. These methods are varied, they are Boiled Rice, Japanese Method, and Steamed Rice. Of course each of this method will give you almost similar steps, but for sure, you will find it easier.How to Cook Perfect Rice Yourselves

Before you go to these methods, there is a basic suggestion related to the perfect rice cooking. Always ensure yourselves that the rice grains must be whole and distinct when you cook it properly. Thus, you should not stir the rice too often while cooking and try not to cook it too long because these will prevent the pasty appearance of the cooked rice.

The first method is Boiled Rice. Following is the example of the recipe that will serve for 8 persons. The basic ingredients should be prepared is absolutely one cup of rice, three teaspoons of salt, and three quarts of boiling water. First of all, wash the rice. Mix the salt with the boiling water and then add the rice to it. Put them on the stove and boil until the water turns to milky or when a grain can be crushed between the fingers. After the cook done, place the cooked rice on the colander and drain it. Next, pour cold water over the rice. It helps the rice to leave each grain distinct and also helps to wash out the loose starch. Afterward, reheat the rice by shaking it over the fire.

Furthermore, the second method will be Japanese Method. This method is almost similar to the boiled rice because it uses water. Let’s start the method by listing the ingredients that would be one cup of rice, one and a half teaspoons of salt, and five cups of boiling water. Firstly, wash the rice. Add the washed rice to the boiling salted water. Boil it for 15 minutes with small fire. Cover the utensil used for cooking and put it in the oven for other 15 minutes. The cover has the aim to keep the water to evaporate excellently and also let the grains of the rice to keep soft without being mushy. At the end of the cook, serve the rice for 8 persons.

The last method is steamed rice and it is also as easy as the other two methods above. The good value of this method is that the cooking process prevents the loss of food material. This method will also keep the better appearance of the cooked rice. Let’s start this recipe right away. The ingredients you should prepare are one cup of rice, one and a half teaspoons of salt, and two and a half cups of water. After all of the ingredients are ready, add the washed rice to the boiling salted water. Next, cook it for five minutes. Afterward, place it in a double boiler and let it to cook until it is soft. Don’t remove the utensils cover and don’t stir the rice during the cooking process. The whole process will need one hour. After it is done, serve it for six persons.

Have a nice try.

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