Easy Methods of Cooking Tender Kolang-Kaling Sweets

Kolang-kaling or atap fruit is popular fruits grown in Indonesia and it is very famous especially during the fasting month. You can make it as sweets with its tender and thick fruit as you chew it in the mouth. You can also make it as snacks in fasting break.

Another option is to mix kolang-kaling with your favorite beverages during the fasting month. Or if you want to store it and keep it longer, kolang-kaling sweet is a good supply of foods for the entire fasting month. Do you want to make the sweets? Don’t stop reading then.

Easy Methods of Cooking Tender Kolang-Kaling Sweets

The most common problems when cooking kolang-kaling sweet is it feels not tender and smells acidly. Moreover, kolang-kaling sweets you buy in supermarket or other markets often use preservative, synthetic sugar, and excessive coloring. Therefore, it is better for you to make kolang-kaling sweets today while the fasting month is just about to begin.

If you want to have tender and dry kolang-kaling sweets, the methods are not difficult and here are the easy steps you can follow.

First of all, pick kolang-kaling with wider shape and tender instead of the smaller. Kolang-kaling in the same size is much more preferable as it helps the fruits to cook at the same time. Secondly, prepare the recipe that includes 2 kg of kolang-kaling, 1,5 liter of water, 2 liters of water from rice washing, 4 leaves of lime orange, 2 leaves of pandanus leaves, 600 gr of refined-sugar, and red color essence.

Now, let’s start making the kolang-kaling sweets and here are the steps:

  1. The water from rice washing has muddy look white color, this is the water you get after you washing the rice. Prepare the water from twice-washing rice.
  2. Wash the kolang-kaling correctly.
  3. Dip kolang-kaling into the rice washing water for 4 hours or more. It will remove the mucous and acidly smell. Drain the water.
  4. Rinse kolang-kaling with clean water and drain it again.
  5. Boil the water and put kolang-kaling, orange leaves, pandanus leaves. Let it boils for 30 minutes.
  6. Pour sugar into boiling kolang-kaling and drop a few of red coloring essence.
  7. Keep it boiling until the water amount is reduces and kolang-kaling becomes red.
  8. Let the kolang-kaling to dry.
  9. Put all the remaining recipes into a container and heat them together. Let it for a while until it becomes thick.
  10. Put kolang-kaling again into the thick syrup and cook in small fire until the syrup totally absorbed into kolang-kaling. Turn off the stove.
  11. Let kolang-kaling to cool down and place it into closed container. Store it in refrigerator.

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